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What happens at polyamorous bar events?

Well that was fun !   I went to my first drinks at the Polly Bar last night and had a great time. I was a bit nervous and shy at first and not because it was a poly event. I just get shy at social events where I don't know anyone. Yes, the guy with the...

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What is polyamory?

Right now in Australia the term polyamory seems to be becoming more mainstream, through newspaper and media coverage, along with general conversation between friends. So for those still unsure of the term, what does it actually mean and who are these polyamorous folk...

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Experts urge therapists to learn about polyamory

As polyamory grows in popularity, more polyamorous people will seek therapy to assist them in managing their lives and relationships. But is modern therapy keeping up with our changing sexuality? Sally Henderson* is a 40-year-old professional woman who identifies as...

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Open marriages

Should we be gossiping about celebrity open marriages? Every year, celebrity rags and blogs trot out a new version of Celebrities Who Have Open Marriages! According to these articles, Angelina Jolie doubts that “fidelity is absolutely essential for a relationship,”...

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