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About us

PolyFinda began as a small group of polyamorous people meeting up for drinks in a bar. Some complained of the lack of a poly app suited to ethical non-monogamy. A few of us got together and created PolyFinda. It’s a polyamorous dating app for those who like more than one.

Using the App

Join this polyamory dating app free and find poly, open and poly-curious people near you. We minimise spamming by using credits for each first contact you make – after that all chats are credit free!

PolyFinda Events

Our events on hold for now while we all look after ourselves and the community. Watch this space for when it is safe to come out and play!

PolyFinda events are social events that normalise and celebrate the diversity of love, desire and human connection. 

PolyFinda Events

Events for open and polyamorous people to celebrate the wonderful diversity of love, desire and human connection. Our events include cocktail evenings with amazing artists sharing sex-positive performances of spoken word, burlesque or sensual shibari to our poly twist on speed-dating

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Articles and media

What happens at polyamorous bar events?

Well that was fun !   I went to my first drinks at the Polly Bar last night and had a great time. I was a bit nervous and shy at first and not because it was a poly event. I just get shy at social events where I don't know anyone. Yes, the guy with the bright green hair gets shy. I can get up on stage in front of hundreds of people, strike up a conversation with anyone at the supermarket, chair a meeting, yet totally freeze up at...

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What is polyamory?

Right now in Australia the term polyamory seems to be becoming more mainstream, through newspaper and media coverage, along with general conversation between friends. So for those still unsure of the term, what does it actually mean and who are these polyamorous folk down under? If you’re steadfastly poly, you may already have an idea. However, if this is one of the first stops on your poly journey, let us serenade you with some facts.  Poly is...

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