Our Story

The polyamorous community created PolyFinda for anybody who has an interest in ethical non-monogamy.

Our vision

We want to live in a world when people can love whoever and however many people they want, free from stigma, secrecy and shame. Consensual and respectful non-monogamy is normal, it can be sexy and we love to see it.

How we started

PolyFinda originally started as a Polyamorous Meetup. Early on, we realised that the community needed a dating and events app where all forms of ethical non-monogamy would be welcome. A place where we could chat and flirt without needing to defend polyamory or risk abuse for being different.


PolyFinda holds fun, social events which celebrate diversity in love, desire and human connection. They are places where people with more than one lover, or sex partner, can feel at home and accepted. 


Members of the polyamorous community own the PolyFinda app and there are no shareholders or big businesses interests. Instead, membership, credit purchases and tickets sales fund the app development and maintenance.

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