Using the app

 PolyFinda is free to join! Everyone who joins is gifted 20 credits

What are the credits for?

Credits are used to instigate a chat with another PolyFinda user. All messages with that user, after that initial message, are free.

Why have we arranged it this way? Unlike most other apps, a mutual match in not required to begin chatting with another user. Having to spend credits to start messages is designed to minimise spam so that only people who actually want to talk to you, will message you! Spamming lots of profiles and hoping for the best will not work on PolyFinda. You’ll soon run out of free credits and have to either wait days for more to accumulate or purchase credits or FULL membership from the app store.

Credits can also be used to add your profile added to the ‘Hotlist’. The Hotlist keeps your profile highlighted in the special hotlist gallery on the app.

  • -1 credit = start a chat
  • -10 credits = join the hotlist for 90 days

How do I get more credits?

+1 free credit is accumulated every day a user is logged in to the app ! 

If you need more credits you can purchase a credit package or a monthly membership.

A renewing monthly membership will give you unlimited ability to message as many users as you wish, unlimited addition to the Hot List, view a list profiles who LIKED you and initiate video conversations with other users who are currently online.  

Who can use the app?

The name PolyFinda implies polyamory however we welcome anyone who is interested in any form of ethical non-monogamy. We welcome monogamish, open relationship, open marriage, polyamory, polygamy, swinging, relationship anarchy…..any form of relationship which involves more than two and is open, honest and ethical.

The app is designed to help create a network of likeminded friends or lovers. Sometimes the best lovers can come from your network friends, rather than individual dates. It often pays to open your mind to the many different types of connections you can make on this app. The app also enables you to find poly events and support groups. You can even post your own events, as long as they are non-sexual and held at public venues. Attending or hosting events can be a great way to expand your poly network. NOTE: Covid-19 has shut down events but please consider using this function when it becomes safe to do so in the future.

How do I message someone?

Click on the ‘Match and Chat’ button on the app home page or the message icon in the top right hand corner.

What if I want to block someone?

You can report a user for breaking the rules by flagging their profile. Open that user’s profile and click the three dots to the right of their name. Choose whether you want to flag the profile or block them from messaging you.

Photo policy

For us to keep the app available on the app stores we need to keep the rating down on the photos. Please do not include explict images in your photos.

It is also our policy to not accept any photos that include children given the issues confirming their consent.

What notifications will I receive and how can I manage these?

A red dot appears on the chat icon in the top right hand corner when you have new messages.

Depending on your settings, you may also receive notification to your phone when you receive a new message.

Managing your privacy settings

You can manage who can send you a message by going to the Settings area and choosing the option where only profiles you have ‘liked’ can message you. Then just use the * button to like individual users. If you’ve selected the setting to be only messaged by people you have liked only those you’ve marked with the * button will be able to send you messages. Unlike most other dating apps, you can keep track of all those you have liked in the ‘My Likes’ list.