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Is PolyFinda a swingers dating app?

Swingers are definitely welcome on PolyFinda. Our membership is not exclusively for any one group, but for anyone who understands that relationships don’t have to be constrained by the rules of monogamy. They agree that there is beauty in opening up to possibilities in an honest and ethical way with your partners. Other sites may define this differently but for PolyFinda, swinging is just one way of opening up a relationship.

The PolyFinda app allows people to explore their evolving identities, desires and relationship preferences, while knowing that other members of the app embrace it too. Here you will find ethical people that can have wonderful relationships with more than one, two, or….how ever many they please.

If you identify as a swinger and are looking for more swingers to date, make sure you have the right options selected in your “Looking for” search filter.

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Are open marriages a kind of polyamoury?

Firstly, what is an open marriage? Well, it is not cheating. Open marriage is a marriage in which one or both of the members involved have other sexual relationships, romantic relationships, or both, with the open agreement of all parties.

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