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Where can I find out more about the gender identities on the app?

If you are  new to the alternative relationship community and not aware of what the many different and evolving terms for different identities and relationships mean, that’s perfectly okay!  If you aren’t sure what the difference between cis gender, questioning, non-binary and gender fluid are, we highly recommend having a look at this comprehensive glossary to help navigate the terms. 

·  The Trevor Project

Language and terminology is very important to understanding people you will meet on the app and at events.

We also strongly recommend being open to new ideas and identities, and wholeheartedly endorse making friends with open and poly people of all different identities!

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Are open marriages a kind of polyamoury?

Firstly, what is an open marriage? Well, it is not cheating. Open marriage is a marriage in which one or both of the members involved have other sexual relationships, romantic relationships, or both, with the open agreement of all parties.

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