Can I find a ‘unicorn’ on PolyFinda? …Should I be looking?

A ‘unicorn’ is the name some have given to single women who are interested in dating or being in a relationship with an established couple. They are called unicorns because there are many more couples searching for single women then there are single women looking for couples – making some think they are mythological beings…but they are out there.

As a couple looking for a unicorn remember to be aware of the existing relationship power dynamics that can come into play when you invite a single person into your relationship(s). Remember to keep the communication (always) open so that you’re all on the same page regarding boundaries and expectations. Keep talking it through as things inevitably change, and feelings evolve.

Increase your chances of meeting a unicorn by combining online dating with face to face events (when it’s COVID-safe!). Join polyamorous speed dating, community bar events, and online activities to find likeminded people. The PolyFinda app can help you find these in our Events tab. No events in your area? You can earn credits by posting your own event!

Another tip to finding who you are looking for is to think laterally with your online searches. There are many people in existing relationships looking to join a new couple. Ensure your settings allow for you to find all the people you and your current partner(s) will connect with (i.e. don’t narrow your search too much).

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