PolyFinda dating and events
Who is PolyFinda for? Can anyone be on the app?

PolyFinda was built for you, the polyamorous community by members of the community. We want to help you stay connected, flirt, find new friends and chat online. More than that, both online and at events, PolyFinda helps people that are new to the scene make those important initial connections.

Explore relationships, love and desire with like-minded and open people, on our tailor-made app that caters for:

  • A diverse range of relationship preferences (you’ll see what we mean!)
  • Inclusive identity options
  • Everyone to be transparent from the start with more poly specific options
  • Find open and poly-friendly events in your area.

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Are open marriages a kind of polyamoury?

Are open marriages a kind of polyamoury?

Firstly, what is an open marriage? Well, it is not cheating. Open marriage is a marriage in which one or both of the members involved have other sexual relationships, romantic relationships, or both, with the open agreement of all parties.

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